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Event Time and Date

Saturday, February 25 2017, 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

UNC Korean American Student Association has graciously volunteered to hold a fundraising event for Liberty in North Korea! They will be donating their dance skills to help LiNK raise funds to reach our goal of $3,000 (to support the trip and settlement of one North Korean refugee)! We are so close to our goal this year, and would LOVE to see you all there to support our organization, our mission, and KASA! Thank you guys for all you do~


UNC KASA, UNC LiNK, and UNC MYSTERY ORG's first KPOP Dance Workshop Fundraiser to support LiNK! We will be teaching some of the amazing pieces from UNC KoreaNite 2017!

Aimee Kurtz - bADASs and UNC Kamikazi Hip Hop Dance Team
Jimmy Song - Musical Medullas and UNC Moonlight Hip Hop Dance Crew

PRICES (everyone, including KASA members, will need to pay for these classes! It is a charity event!):
$3 per class
$7 all day
*More donations are welcomed! This event is meant to be a fundraiser :)

All proceeds go to benefit Liberty in North Korea


Woolen B109

101 Student Recreation Center #8610, Chapel Hill, NC
Event Categories:

Fundraising, Workshop