Parent Organization: UNC-Chapel Hill

The following numbered statements represent the specific goals of Carolina R.I.S.E. In totality, these goals represent the overarching vision that Carolina R.I.S.E. and its community partners hold.

  1. Carolina R.I.S.E will strive to cultivate and present the images of successful, self-identified minority students on campus to students, new and existing alike, as well as surrounding community members.
  2. Carolina R.I.S.E. shall provide self-identified minority students with resources that will allow them to succeed academically while also presenting them the opportunity to build social networks intended to facilitate career success.
  3. Carolina R.I.S.E. intends to create a culture of support for new and existing students on this campus, whether it be academics or personal issues.

The main aspects of our organization include:

  • Hosting biweekly study groups in Union Room 3409 every other Thursday from 6-8pm 
  • Hosting a Speaker Series which consists of prominent Alumni and other individuals associated with the university and surrounding community speaking and networking with undergrads
  • The Our Women Committee tackles various issues, systems, and structures that impact women of color on campus and within larger communities
  • The First Year Committee works toward helping students of color adjust to Carolina life academically, socially, and culturally
  • The Service Leadership Committee organizes a number of community service projects, and also mentoring local Middle School and High School Students
  • Other activities with other on (and off) campus organizations

If any of this interests you, then please contact us! We would love to have you! 

Be Great

Address Chapel Hill, NC 27514
United States
Phone Number P:(919) 337-5963