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Friday, March 24 2017, 5:00 PM to Saturday, March 25 2017, 5:00 PM

Keynote Addresses by Hannah Feldman, Associate Professor, Northwestern University Hasan Elahi, Associate Professor, University of Maryland, College Park

Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Springs, Black Lives Matter: these movements are only three of the most recent to respond to and take shape through the visual sphere. The roles that national and local media play in the construction, dissemination, and perception of narrative has long captured scholars’ attention; but artists too have contributed to these same processes. Historically and currently, both art and media have proved crucial in illuminating and obscuring such movements and their participants. Social unrest, of course, extends beyond political activism to deeper and often less defined conflicts.

How have artists engaged with their media environments? To what ends have they produced artworks in the service of various kinds of social unrest? How have objects, imagery, and the media apparatuses in which they have emerged affected their publics’ understandings not only of upheaval in their own social environments, but also in other environments, whether in the past or in contexts distant from their own? How have movements evolved over time, and what happens as they are mediated by digital, print, televisual, and artistic intervention?

University Room, Hyde Hall

176 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC
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